Palm Springs Sometimes

palm springs sometimes final lorna alkana 11x14w

Palm Springs sometimes turns its hotels into mountain drawers.  Into calculated cubbies.  The palm tree population puts eyes onto the faces of rocks and teases visitors who would climb up their limbs to try to touch their tops.  Teases visitors who suddenly want to see for themselves if there’s really snow hidden out of reach.  This is only sometimes.

<– I might have some ambiguous pronouns going on in that,  I like that.


The photos I took in Palm Springs couldn’t capture the majesty beyond the Mid Century Modern buildings and the straight, black streets that divide them into neat little neighborhoods.  Consequently, I turned to the Fragment App to add some visual interest.  I used the Union App and Camera Plus, as well.

The above is the final 11″x14″ collage-like photo.  I’m playing with duplication and the expectations of symmetry.  In a perfect world I would be able to spend the day (or a few days) finding alien faces in the details and drawing those out so when you look closer something is looking back at you.  Since the world is not perfect, you’ll have to find the faces for yourself.  Which is pretty cool, too.

The below is a version I started playing around with in Photoshop.  My brother mentioned he prefers when there’s something more off balance, and I agree.  [‘Tis why the final version is the first one and not this one.]

palm springs sometimes animation11x14w

And a little lorna GIF.  It’s a simple sequence.  Brief:


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