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Oh, don’t worry.  I’ve managed to make a “quick” blog post into an existential reexamination of myself as a human artist…

[click here or the exh[i]bitions pic above for quick details on upcoming Lorna Alkana Art events]

The Southern California rain has recently been rearranging the clouds.  

Aaaaactually, I’d rather refrain from sentences for now.

…and then distract myself with social media technicalities and best practices.

I recently organized my digital art print docs and consolidated sooome promotional art and tools.  I’m working on streamlining my online posting process so I can share more often.

My huge stride (kind of sarcastic) I made for this blog post: I saved a template doc with the ideal FB Timeline dimensions for easy conversion for publication.  I’ll bet there’s an app for that.  Damn

This was an extension of my desire to create something new for this post, because I couldn’t just copy/paste dates.

I’m calling this series, “Sunsets, beaches, faces”

Something new:

While I was speed walking down Main Street to catch the clouds during sunset, I passed many others documenting the free sky show.  Most people used cameras that were much larger and more secured to their person (neck straps) than me little phone.

Not everyone was entranced, however.  I stopped at the light on Ocean and Main and overheard a sarcastic peacocker loudly dismissing the sunset to his group of friends.  “Ha!  Are we really going to go sit on the grass to enjoy the sunset?  Like we don’t have anything better to do?”
I’m glad I was walking quickly.

I only took a few photos.  I wanted to make sure the camera was secondary to the sunset:
stared straight ahead, then a quick look right above.  Neck swivel left.  What’s below.  a single point in the distance.  out of body three sixty.  could have been a copassionate owl.  

I felt like finding faces in the clouds.
A few smiled back 
Maybe I was looking for someone
I searched for kind eyes
some smiled back

I’ll call this series, “found kind eyes in the clouds this time”

The following lil jpegs are the cropped FB format versions I mentioned above.  The actual final image is 17″ x 22″ and extends the symmetry and rorschachs of the FB formatted ones below.  The medium is the message.  [Oooooooh or the medium is the massage….]

sunset beach face fbw

sunset beach face fbw3

sunset beach face fbw close up sunset beach face fbw5 sunset beach face fbw4

Edited Lorna Alkana Art source photos:
sunset beach face fbw source photo sunset beach face fbw source photo2 sunset beach face fbw process

-use amazing images of sunset – continue to explore clouds+surrealism
-find faces in clouds (heads)
-suggest a narrative [baby steps]
-extend subjective cloud shape experience into metaphor of existential absurdity and relativism as a contrast/conflict of contemporary popular culture/social media context
-take the pressure of publication as an opportunity to figure out what I want to publish
-and, oh yeah!
share a few upcoming events I’m a part of: [<—–twas my initial motivation to post]

Upcoming  Lorna Alkana Art Events:

Flash No.1 Relsease
Presented by Repel Industries
Stories Books and Cafe 1716 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90026
Saturday, December 6, 2014 — 7PM

The Collective
Presented by Republic Junkies Entertainment
Republic Junkie Entertainment 20034 Esquiline Ave, Walnut, California 91789
Saturday, December 27, 2014 — 7PM

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