I started a word salon in Echo Park called LAWS

Our third installment is this Sunday night. The theme is LIES!  You should come. Here’s the event and here’s the flyer. I’m making the flyers based off of photos of the previous events. I’m enjoying the simpler style, and not just because it’s quicker.

Also!  I’m stoked on the LAWS website I designed in the WordPress Boardwalk theme.  Check it out here!  The Facebook page is pretty neat too.

I haven’t posted on my personal site in a bit (this here site), and I wonder if I’m enjoying starting a site from scratch.  Stay tuned for a @lawordsalon Twitter and Instagram too!  I think I’ll hit up hootsuite or one of those social media dissemination services (freee, I hope!) to help out.  The world is not just a stage…it is many stages.

As far as making the LAWS site, I’ve learned from all of the organization issues I have with backlog and direction with this site.  [last time i’m saying site is here :)] I have so much to post that I don’t know where to start.  Ima figure it out right quick.  In the mean time, if you’re interested in some Lorna Alkana Art, check out my Facebook page.  I update that more regularly and share art that I connect to (not just create).

My brother just requested a Lorna self portrait, so I’ll start working on one and update my disclosure section, as well.  I did just update my exhibitions page.

Oh I’m full of disclaimers aren’t I?  Oooooooo that’ll be the title of my self portrait.  The one I’m going to start working on…soon.

laws flyer 8x11 week 3 w


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