Portrait of Rachel Oto

Let’s take a look at a portrait of Rachel Oto.

rachel oto 8x11w

Rachel Oto inspires me in many ways.  I took the source photo for the above drawing a bit ago, back in November of 2015.   Oto had set up an amazing 3D booth displaying her Renewable Blooms art accessories at Pancakes and Booze in Downtown Los Angeles.

She makes lots of things (potentially anything) out of her blooms, and on this night I got to wear one of her head pieces.  A crown-hat.

Oto is creative and constructive to the bone.  She creases paper, blends food coloring in frosting and flour into flowers, volume into sounds that welcome the removal of ear plugs, circles into skirts, and songs into heartbeats.

It has been four months since i took that photo, but I’ve returned to it many times since,  and have wanted to draw it since I saw it.  [The source photo is at the bottom of this post.]

I’ve drawn Oto a lot.

I used to host an open-mic in Echo Park.  I’d create the flyers from drawings of photos I’d take at the event.  Here is some Oto evidence:

A few years ago, when I realized I wanted to draw the people around me in addition to the clouds surrounding me, Oto was one of the first portraits.  I was also getting into animation, and struggling to figure out how to mix music in with my drawings.

rachel oto portrait 12x15 more w

[Check out more of the process behind my first Oto here.] 

The above is from two years ago.  Sounds good.  Hear Rachel Oto’s March 2016 release here.  It’s fucking phenomenal.  

Drawing reflection:

I’ve gotten better at line drawing.  I’ve learned to simplify.  I’ll still try out complicated versions at first, just in case they’re brilliant, and then usually decide to rewind.

I’ve learned to make my animations wider…hamburger fold…horizontal…to avoid those bars that interrupt on the sides sometimes.  I’ve been duplicating my drawings since I realized I needed to make the digital printable and the simple substantial, Multitudes is a straight forward example.   I duplicate and flip photos to spread out compositions, change shapes and sizes and create patterns.

My Newest Oto:

There’s some mystery in the video.  My lines were smaller, so the shapes they create just kind of appear.

Here’s the original photo.


Note: I cropped meself out of the drawing.  (I’m in the glasses.)


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