Affect: I Remember Play

My Affect this week has sort of changed into a Silverstein style poetry book page.  I’m cool with that.  I drew a lot of Lorna comics in me journal this week, but she didn’t have much to say, or was trying to be too clever or incoherent.

When I first started drawing Comic Lorna, she’d describe the world around her.  The world looks different, now, and this comic reflects 8x11 poem play w

The drawing is based off a photo I took of my little preschool students.  They’re a part of what Comic Lorna knows and sees, now, and I’m not sure how to write about that, yet.  I knew I wanted to include some writing with the drawing, but didn’t figure out what until I finished.

The text is from a poem I wrote for one of the earlier LAWordSalon themes: Role Play.

Although the poem was inspired by more adult themes (at the time), it plays with the juxtaposition of youth, that, paired with the drawing for this week, develops the narrative more.  Maybe.

Here’s a peak at my process-post for next Monday.  It’s a continuation of the above drawing.

kids 8x11 lorna alkana w



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