Progress: Drawing about writing about kids

Okay, I’ve been consistent with my Monday/Friday posting for two weeks, so I feel comfortable making a schedule official. [Cough: I know this is Tuesday…but…it’s a process.]

Speaking of process, here’s the plan:

On Mondays, I will post art that I’m working on and ideas.  Part of why my posting dwindled recently was due to a pressure I felt to post finished pieces.  I also felt like I needed to post a certain type of art.  I was still drawing a lot during my absence, but they were commissioned pieces, or flyer drawings.  For some reason I felt those belonged some place else, not on my blog.

My blog has always been about process, though, and my drawings that are for certain audiences still contribute to my development as an artist and storyteller.  They contribute to the narrative.  I’ve made a list of my backlog that I’d like to share here.

So what, Mondays will be what I’m currently working on, and what I’ve previously worked on, but haven’t organized into a post yet?  We’ll see.

On Fridays, I will post Comic Lorna or her adventures, journals, thoughts to continue with my autobio comic Affect: Adventures in Personhood.

Already, the Monday/Friday ideas have merged, so again, I’m figuring this out.

Process: Drawing About Writing About Kids

The video shows my line drawings develop into images full of color.  This is my first time drawing kids.  The text is the last Act of my poem called, “You can be me in Act III”.  I added it to the line drawing for last week’s Affect post:

kids 8x11 poem play w

It’d be nice to do a series of drawings of kids at play, in thought, and in conversation.

A series would give me time and space to explore themes of education, youth, creativity, and curiosity.  Or…other themes.  I’ll need to write about it in order to decide on a focus and my intentions.

I teach preschool in Long Beach three mornings a week.  I take pictures of my little ones, but the images mostly stay on my phone.  I haven’t developed a system of sharing them with the parents.  That’s in progress.  I suppose I can draw them as well.

kids 8x11 lorna alkana w

I want to make sure this is cool with the kids and their parents and my bosses.  That’s why I’m not posting the source photo here, like I normally do/did.

Thanks for sticking with me as I navigate this writer/artist/blogger world.

See you Friday!

Until then, you can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube.


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