Process: Party Punx Watercolor Word Search Portraits

On Saturday, I continued my watercolor word search portraits at the Party Punx event, “The Big Top“, at The Airliner Nightclub in Los Angeles.  The process is getting increasingly streamlined the more I practice.  I tend to complicate things, especially when it comes to art decisions.  I’ll take you through it (with pictures!)

The first step: LOOK at the word search and write down the first three words you find in my notebook.



Second, I take a reference shot.  With blinding light at this event.  Sorry. 🙂

Third, I begin with pen line drawings.  I’ve been starting with an eye and moving out from there.  I add watercolor after.  Once it dries, I add more pen for contrast and definition.

bit top portraits 20x30w 2

Watercolor introduces a lot of different factors to consider and control or roll with.  I’ve mostly focused on creating portraits that resemble the photograph, literally.  I’m interested in moving toward the abstract.

bit top portraits 20x30w

Step 4: I scan the images and add them to their predecessors and post them here.  [That’s like three things in one step, but yeah it’s messy, and consolidation is my attempt to simplify.]


I have a solo show coming up in Lil Tokyo at Epodz.  I’d like to put the portraits together side by side.  

A GIF of the PartyPunx paintings:


This GIF has all of the watercolor word search portraits to date, save the above


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