Progress: Music Tastes Good, Long Beach, CA

My Found Windows installation for the Music Tastes Good festival, taking place September 23 – 25, 2016,  in Downtown Long Beach, includes art on 48 3 x 6 foot canvases.



. The canvases are contained in frames, holey by design.  The holes are windows.  Hinges connect the windows, the frames.  They are doors without walls.

For the Music Tastes Good Found Windows installation, I’m painting remixes of album art and ethos of the festival’s featured artists.  One of the frames is chalkable.  I’m in the process of making an on-theme word search, as well.  There will be a lot to play/interact with.  Renewable Blooms is making a new floating sculpture for one of the frames.  She’s also making interactive pieces that people can wear to become a part of the art.  Benjamin Koffman will spill his light show onto the screen on the second day of the event.  I made my first mirror mosaic for this.  I’m happy with the way the square mirrors capture and reflect light (as mirrors do).  Go team!

mtg-building-blocks_lorna-alkana_revised-2These frames first came to fruition with the help and ingenuity of Benjamin Koffman for the Sunstock Solar Festival in early 2016.  Wire butterflies glowed in the black lights and brought the eye up thanks to Rachel Oto’s Renewable Blooms.

My digital art disposition double-takes, mourns, and procrastinates when I have to say goodbye to art.  No Save As.  No copy/paste.  I took pictures of the frames before I painted over them.

Here are the frames in their first run at the Sunstock Solar Festival, 2016.  See more from that event here.


Farewell old portraits.  [Two of the portraits were of a friend of mine who passed away earlier this year.  I will paint her again.  Again and again.]

The Iron and Wine black light section is looking pretty good.  This thick, blue black light pen is putting in its work.  I finished the Girl Pool portraits pretty quickly.  I’ve been practicing portraits a lot recently.  I still have a lot of finishing to do on them.  On all of them.  So many of them.

A little over 4 days left to paint.  No sentence is short enough.


Music Tastes Good
Downtown Long Beach
Lorna Alkana Art
Contributing Installation Artist (Read the Long Beach Post artical about the five installations here!)
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