Process: Affection Animation

It has been great working with Operator Error on the Affection project, which we’re currently raising money for through Kickstarter.  Learn more/contribute/share the project here:

“Affection” is an album from Operator Error to his young son and an exploration of affection.  Listen to his tunes here, and read my previous posts about this collaboration here.

Joe (Operator Error) has a simple aesthetic.  He sent me photos of him and his son, and we both really liked this one silhouette.  After a few drafts of lorna-ing…


A more focused image emerged as the album cover.  I presented him with color options based off our conversations.  He has a song called “beyond the buttermilk sky” so that sort of informed my hues:


He liked the blue and I liked the blue.


The blue and the clean line drawing became a source of inspiration for me.  I always use a lot of blue, but this particular gloomy/sunrise blue is one I’ve been working with a lot (I’m not sure which came first, this project or the blue; I’m pretty sure it doesn’t work like that anyway).

I like this simple aesthetic, but I also wanted to make some animations of the drawings and these sparse lines gave me little to work with.

I returned to the source photo so I could draw those clouds that were calling me and the details that the above only implies for the audience to infer.

And I infer:


That’s a still from the animation posted below.  It has Operator Error tunes (the intro to one of the songs on the Affection album).  He paired the music with the animation.  I hit a block with that.  There’s a cool bird part toward the end that I’m proud of.  I like it all, it’s just a kick in the butt to learn more so I can do more of this more easily.  I’m animating on Photoshop with Timeline, and there has got to be a more efficient way to do some of the steps.


I’ll post more videos soon!  I made some cool “promotion” animations for the Kickstarter rewards. Stay Tuned!

I’m really excited about this project and would greatly appreciate your contribution.

Thank you so much!  Please share if you know some people interested in supporting this grown-up feelings, music, art, collaboration project for music to span the generation gap!

Listen to Operator Error:

Project link:





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