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Oh hello there,

I just updated the Disclosure section of my blog. It had been 8 months. Funny thing is the disclosure section of this blog is often where I draw a self-portrait then use it to help construct a concise amalgamation of my situation as an artist, writer, person, lorna, etc. Good news: I’ve made at least one self-portrait each month even though they’ve missed posting debuts. The sanity and exploration function of the portraits and reflections continued even though they didn’t all make their way to the internet.

Side note: When Catholic(?) people begin talking in a confessional I’ve noticed they speak to a script. They say how long it has been since their last confession. I often feel the need to give such a conceit on this blog. I used to in my journals.

Dear – It has been 26 days since my last post.

Exposition position post posit


Disclosure update:

This is where I explain myself and introduce the explanation in the first sentence. It’s almost March 2018, and I’m illustrating 23 artist portrait (4 ways) with The Love Story Project (Volume 2 of the coloring book/augmented reality/journal out soon), reading engaging books from independent publishers (which I’d like to document publically and visually somehow), learning about publishing and type-setting at Otis Books, and writing about creation, destruction, family, mold (all of it), and autobio specificity obfuscation.

I’m thinking art shows might happen this summer. I’m also thinking that a great art show would involve people just reading to themselves in the same room. Gorgeous.

You Can Find Me…

Facebook: @LornaPhone and @LAWordSalon and @AffectComic
Twitter: @LornaPhone and @LAWordSalon
Instagram: @Lornaphone and @LAWordSalon
Youtube: Lorna Alkana

I update my Exhibition Page with events and galleries that feature Lorna Phone art.

Check out the Disclosure Page to see a chronological evolution of my blog and art.

I share new art/discussions about the process of works in progress, and I post segments with Comic Lorna in my audiobio comic series called, Affect.

Check out my previous exhibitions here! (It was a busy 2017!)

Current Collaborations:

Operator_Error– Collaboration on the album Affection has moved into collaboration on Affection 2! Plus, the band has released the album Minus the Umm in the meantime.

LAWordSalon– Creative community in Los Angeles, Long Beach, and on tour around you.  Green, esteemed, established, curious. @LAWordSalon Instagram and Facebook documents live music and art around town

Otis Books- I’m an editor for this publication based out of the Otis School of Art and Design in Los Angeles.  Check out our backlog.

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