@bawthewriteher at The Satellite for Art + Music + Poetry

A few weeks ago, on a very special Tuesday, in the very Silverlake, art, music, and, poetry came together at The Satellite. BA Williams (@bawthewriteher) performed on her knees in the center of the dance floor.

bawilliams7 sasha ross satellite

A recorded voice spoke from the empty stage. Williams, silent beneath a pattern of sparse round lights, wrote in pen on fluorescent post-it notes.

bawilliams sasha ross satellite
[Sasha Ross Photography]
bawilliams6 sasha ross satellite


Leaning over a posterboard canvas with sprawling chalkboard-punishment-like phrase repetition, she rearranged large paper letters, decorations often used to make celebratory signs on birthdays or graduations, to spell out “queer,” “gay,” and derogatory terms.

bawilliams2 sasha ross satellite
[Sasha Ross Photography]

Williams spread rose petals and kitty litter on the poster board. The growth on the ground marked time as the recorded poem expanded and circled back into itself with the repetition of words reframed.

bawilliams4 sasha ross satellite
[Sasha Ross Photography]

Williams’ poetry became an installation for the night. The crowd that had stood in a semi-circle around the performance, could take a second, third, closer look.

bawillaims4 sasha ross satellite
[Sasha Ross Photography]bawilliams5 sasha ross satellite[Sasha Ross Photography]



BA Williams is a writer, performer, and curator. She directs the Art Realm events through the Arts Council for Long Beach and co-hosts the Requiem for Sandra Bland series, Un::fade::able at Art Share LA.

Website: bawthewriteher.com
Instagram: @bawthewriteher

bawilliams6 sasha ross satellite[Sasha Ross Photography]

About the event:
Sarah Norwood
, vocalist+ of the psychedelic rock band AJ Froman, organized a crew of artists, musicians, and poets in conjunction with The Satellite. I had art all around the venue and performed a brief poem before Williams took the stage off the stage. Mu experimented with instrumental and vocal dance dream lullaby trips, Chenel King shared poems that traveled through space and time, accompanied by AJ Froman, and AJ Froman basically exploded the stage alongside the art of Jimmy Ovadia. Bristol to Memory brought the night to a hopping conclusion. All of this beneath the choreographed lights of Society of Shadows.

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