Baseball Card: Photoshop Mix

I’m playing around all over digital editing workspace places while working on these #newallamerican baseball cards. I use Photoshop Mix on me iPad to cut out the figures. I trace them into silhouettes in Illustrator on me computer, and then I make collages with them and mess with transparencies in InDesign.

As far as the Photoshop Mix goes, I had to decide to kill my darlings of the mural background I painted and commit to the wonderful people to posed in front of it.

I cut out their forms using the app’s smart ‘add’ and then lasso ‘subtract’ features.

I brought these figures into Illustrator to turn them into silhouette action figures.

I might tap back into the backdrops I got rid of to reveal the figures in their foreground.

Sort of surprisingly, I used InDesign to mashup the silhouettes with different imagery from the event from graphics I created for the pitch (pun not intended…in this case). It was easier to work with the Id grid and interface for me than manipulate transparencies (or tap in to all the options available) on PS or AI.

I also used Illustrator to think about how I might publish the different compositions via Instagram. I wanted to make a baseball diamond. I don’t think the concept really lands, but it’s something while I continue to develop the idea.

I like the freedom of the part of the process. I’m making visual identity and thematic rules as I work, and can broaden and narrow elements of those as I go.

This is a paragraph about this project

New All American Residency
I worked with the band WASI to develop a pan-geographic, inclusive identity for their Monday-night residency in January 2020 at The Satellite in Los Angeles. The idea of “New All-American” stemmed from the #riotpunk of WASI and our understanding that the team we’re on extends beyond gender binaries and immigration status.

What if we turn the USA flag into a baseball bat and what if it’s not waving, it’s fucking fighting back and rocking out on drums?

This NEW all-American residency is about humanity and compassion and what it means to the team, to people who are not Americans, to you, and…I want to end on a baseball pun.

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