M is for Mitt

M is for mitt, music, manifest, momentum, mom, mind, meaning

13 days in to 36 Days of Type, 26 days into staying-at-home, came the letter M.*

I made a typeface called New All American and published different fonts of it through Fontself. You can find and download one of them here.

*I started 36 Days of Type on March 8, 2020. I had already been “safe at home” for 13 days. I think I’m at day 54, now, and instead of making sure it’s day 54 and instead of doing a bunch of stuff, I want to make this post before I don’t.

In Real Timeish ARTING
LornaPhone Facebook: LornaPhone
LornaPhone Instagram@LornaPhone

Diplopoda Caracaras Facebook DiplopodaCaracaras
Diplopoda Caracaras Instagram@dplpd_crcrs

LAWordsSalon Facebook LA Word Salon
LAWS Instagram@lawordsalon

Affection Website affectiongap.wordpress
Affection Facebook AffectionGap
Affection Instagram@affectiongap

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