Meet Diplopoda Caracaras

I joined Diplopoda Caracaras (pronounced dip-low-poe-duh-car-a-car-ass; millipede falcon) in 2019. Diplopoda Caracaras (@dplpd_crcs) are a time traveling design practice interested in collaboration and transformation. We invite people to come together from across dimensions to discuss and plan around persisting themes of peace, power, and progress. They’re a complicated space, and they’re changing every moment.

Origin Story

Legend has it, Diplopoda Caracaras initially formed as a cult. While planning a campaign, they realized they were limited because they could not insure that people would engage with the message and follow-through. Their solution was to prescribe routines and rituals for followers, invoke a sacred text (Ubu Roi by Alfred Jarry), and banish vowels to construct secret language.

Pataphysic Roots

It’s tough for me to navigate between honesty and irony in exposition for this post. I’m also heaving some pronoun consistency issues. Maybe the Diplopoda Caracaras practice is best told as a fable, myth, legend…cautionary tale?

Here’s another possible origin:

I looked to Pataphysics, Fluxus, surrealist games, and culture jamming to validate and construct a parallel identity that could travel through time. These historical references paired with utopian idealism, socialism, and anarchy manifested into an avian-insect persona.

Now that it’s all clear…

In Real Timeish ARTING
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