Mindy drinks Pina Coladas in dark parlors, or Drawing Wam Dingis (Everyday) [Part 3]

This is a continuation of a series of digital drawings I created for Wam Dingis on the occasion of the filming and release of their music video for their single Dark Parlor. In my momentous return to art-blogging, I figured I’d start with the first portrait I made for the series in part 3 (re title of this post).

Here’s a quick look at some final-y artings from this project. All the band members are there. It all started with Mindy, though.

I was happy to work with photos that Daniel Batalla. took of the band during Dark Parlor filming. There’s a clear aesthetic to work from. I started with Mindy’s portrait and hadn’t set up any style rules as far as line weight or what details to include. She was my exploratory portrait to help establish how the series would work.

I concluded that the basic elements would be face/hair/neck/flowers/beverage.

And then of course I her head in a jar.

This is the song that inspired the arting. The music video is yet to be released. It’s going to be grrrreat, though.

If you’ve made it this far in the post, I feel like you’ll be interested in this real talk. I’m moved to write my first blog post in a while to promote Wam Dingis in this voting competition they’re a part of. This round of voting ends at 9pm PST on Thursday, September 23rd, 2021. They’re currently 1st in the final top five of Opening Act’s competition to play at the Hollywood Bowl. You can vote for free here. Why not?

There’s much more Wam Dingis arting to share. All in good time.
Note: I used great photos of the band that Daniel Batalles took to as source for my portraits.

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