Darren drinks Old Fashioneds in dark parlors, or Drawing Wam Dingis (Everyday) [Part 4]

When Wam Dingis asked me to do some art for their band, merch was unsaid, but could have been a practical approach to take. I ended up giving them a google drive file of these weird portraits and process videos. This was during the height of the pandemic, so tactile stuff didn’t make a lot of sense to me.

I made these weird merch concepts in an Adobe program called Dimension. I had no idea what I was doing and I made them way after all the arting which I never really intended to be a part of anything printed. (Though, you’ll see an attempt at a poster composition toward the end of this post.)

Once I made the portraits (which I talk more about here) I had to figure out how to shove them into jars and have them float in liquid.

Then I had to get the jars onto shelves. First I made the shelves. None of the perspective or proportion made sense to me. I ended up being okay with that. I sure tried a while to find a logic.

After all the drawings, the poster composition left me a perplexed. I didn’t have the Wam Dingis typeface, so I pasted it from online. Things aren’t really centered.

Here’s some more images from me Wam Dingis arting.

This is the song that inspired the arting. The music video is yet to be released. It’s going to be grrrreat, though.

If you’ve made it this far in the post, I feel like you’ll be interested in this real talk. I’m moved to write my first blog post in a while to promote Wam Dingis in this voting competition they’re a part of. This round of voting ends at 9pm PST on Thursday, September 23rd, 2021. They’re currently 1st in the final top five of Opening Act’s competition to play at the Hollywood Bowl. You can vote for free here. Why not?

There’s much more Wam Dingis arting to share. All in good time.
Note: I used great photos of the band that Daniel Batalles took to as source for my portraits.

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