Spooky BOOtanical Garden Flowers

Halloween is about creativity, transformation, and surprise. During the pandemic, I used Halloween decorations as a way to communicate with the neighborhood. (By Oct 2020 I had painted most surfaces in my house, so it was nice to have a large, front yard canvas for arting.)

The first year’s theme was “How to Turn Spiders into Cats.” See how it turned out here.

Last year, I created a Bootanical Garden. I’m going to walk through some of the spooky diy plants:

Will Eat You Orchids

Could-be Carnivorous

Vampire Violets

Uneasy Evening Emojis

Yarn-Tooth Yikes

The post/video below shows more yarn-tooth-yikes and the larger context of the project.

What’s next?

For 2022 I’ve created a Creepy Garden that draws from the spider-cat and BOOtanical worlds I’ve explored previously.

A lil preview:

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