Orange dress at el siete mares

Abby and I stopped to get shrimp tacos after our trip to the Library.  I flipped through Body Language for Dummies while Abby ate her $1.59, Monday special.  I asked Abby to take a picture of me for day two of my new 30 day drawing challenge.  (Katie and I decided to forfeit our first attempt because we were too frustrated with the prompts.)  So here’s day two (I’m still working on day one…): what you wore today.  The burnt orange of the restaurant’s walls compliments the warm yellow of my dress.  The lack of contrast, however, creates either a mysterious unity or a need for definition.


  1. there is something both friendly and mysterious about this picture – also hopperesque

  2. Cool! While I was drawing it, I was wishing I had posed in more interesting way. Next time!

  3. Hi! Thanks! I have the “Lightbox” photo app on my phone. I want to get Photoshop, though!

  4. Lightbox sounds really cool! I’ll be sure to download it later. Photoshop is nice to use but I find it really difficult. But that might just be because I suck at all things technical… Haha!


  5. Wow. The blurriness adds clever depth and that’s a perfect shadow! I’ve always found human shadows at an angle like that extremely difficult.

    And I’ll second that hopperesque remark (but I’m referring to DENNIS Hopper)

  6. That’s great! I’m honored! The artistic process, just like the writing process, helps me figure out where I’m going and the best way to get there. Thank you!

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