Micheltorena Street, Silverlake

Micheltorena Street splits at Sunset.  This is one of the sides.  I let this image be more impressionistic than my other drawings.

Micheltorena Street slopes up and above the city.  Behind the vacant lots that dangerously slide down from the sidewalk, brown and dead, we can see the downtown skyline.  We park far away so we can enjoy the view on the walk to our house.


  1. I like this very much, the blues and the greens and the shadows. I also like the lyrical text. Very nice!

  2. I’m working on one with the view! I’ve realized that often my text muses about what’s just out of view of the image. Maybe I should write first, then consider complimentary drawings.

  3. This is nice! But I really like the fact that the text wanders out of bounds of the picture. It creates a richer scene 😀

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