Downtown Still, LA Art Walk

I went to Downtown LA’s Art Walk with Vanessa on Thursday.  We arrived a bit late, but fast moving and stationary people still filled the sidewalks.  Streams of holiday lights passed over the streets, connecting buildings on either side with their friendly and beautiful glow.  One of our stops was The Last Bookstore, an amazingly vast store with a second story labyrinth made of and filled with books.  After arting, we went to Bar 107 for some drinks and dancing.  I love that the DJ played a bunch of Clash.

As far as the drawing, I like how the image/subject hails Cindy Sherman (see below for more).

In this drawing, I let the holiday lights in the photograph show through.  I don’t yet know how to capture such intricacy with lines.
v art walk 11x14 for web

I’m gaining confidence when it comes to drawing faces.  I just need to treat their shapes more delicately.

v art walk 11x14 for web just vanessa

Here’s the background:

v art walk 11x14 for web background

Much of the line drawing:

v art walk 11x14 for web line drawing

And the photo:

v art walk photo

Cindy Sherman:





  1. Hi Lorna,
    Thanks so much for liking my post “Respite” and following my blog, which has brought me here. I love your art, especially Fish Eye in the Sky.


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