Affect: Jeser Asks Why

jeser 8x11 w

Jeser is a friend of mine.  I like talking with him because we often disagree.  We can both be loquacious, passionate, and lost.  We’ve had different life experiences and experience life differently.

This is the case for all of my friends.  It’s fun to make a new friend in Jeser.  I met him through his music at the LAWordSalon.

Jeser plays guitar and sings (among other things…he plays Chess…)  He goes by Sativa Dreams.  You can find him on Soundcloud and Instagram and Facebook.  He frequents open-mics in LA, and posts heads-up about them, so a good guy to follow if you’re into that! [Side note: I sent him the sketch via text message when I finished the analog version.  I just went to his Instagram to get his link for this post, and saw that he made it his profile picture.  Cool!]

I drew the first portrait (on the left) from memory, without a source.  The second portrait I used a reference.  Hmmm

This Jeser portrait fills the last page in my notebook.  Last week’s Affect is a drawing on the first page of my  new notebook.  These Affect entries are not chronological for Lorna, but may be chronological for Comic Lorna.  We are different, you know.  She extends beyond my alter ego.

I’m enjoying drawing with pen in my notebook, and using the drawing as a source.  I’ve gotten used to drawing in Photoshop straight off of photos I take, and it’s nice to return to paper.  Maybe that’s the difference between my Monday Process and my Friday Affect posts.  We’ll see!


My new blogging schedule has already payed off!  Or I got lucky…WordPress Discovery featured my Monday Process piece and self portrait as an Editor’s Pick, yesterday!

I’ve previously been featured on WordPress as one of the 10 Illustrators to Follow Now in 2014.  Oddly enough, that happened at the same time I was drifting away from this blog, or getting lost trying to find it.  Maybe I felt too much pressure to continue.

‘Twill not be the case this time!

Here’s a preview of next Monday’s Process piece:

same 8x11 w

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