Affect: Scent Sensitivity #existentialcrisis

From existential to meme potential.

That’s a diatribe I wrote in a word balloon for my cat.  Not featured here.  Not yet.

Oh I have plans/am reconciling wanting to share everything at once

I’m going crazy

Here are my clings to sanity

scent sensitivity 11x8 w[I have some journal comics that continue this narrative, but I’m restraining myself from posting right now.  I don’t have to post everything right now.  Show my cards.  Man, I got some hands coming, though.  Or, I think.  That’s why I want to show them now, but I won’t.  Because learning.

Perhaps an immediate backlog will get me posting weekly, per goal]

Edit: Ooo I wasn’t ignoring you! Ooo I had so much to say to you!

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