Process: David Bowie

I used such small digital lines that shapes turn into water color mosaics.  I couldn’t stop drawing lines.

david bowie 11x85w

I wrote this in a post on Facebook the day after he died:

“David Bowie means a lot to me. I feel a bit odd memorializing someone online, but it also feels cathartic. He wasn’t my friend, or anything. His loss is one that feels personal, but is personal for millions of people, so then it’s something else. He was def something else. I spent some time drawing this before I became too dissatisfied with it to complete. Ima draw another one from an image that I won’t suddenly realize is too phallic to be sad and/or celebratory. My buddy, Steph, and I used to listen to him in the car on our way to high school. We’d listen to “Rebel, Rebel” for parking lot dance parties before going into class. He was “dinner time music” with my fam when I was a kid. My mom has a grip of his albums. The big CD albums. The vinyls that are landmarks. Little pieces of history that will keep him alive, along with my mom’s memories of my dad listening to them when he (my dad) was alive. I’d like to think death c h a n g e s without omission. He’s still here.”

Here’s a video of the process:

I was a lil behind on this Process post this week, even though last Friday I declared I would not be.  I would not let the popularity and exposure of my previous Process post intimidate me.

It kind of did.

I couldn’t decide what I wanted to post.  I suppose I should save my excuses for my Friday Affect post.  Or…perhaps…excuses are a part of the art process.  Ima go with the latter.

See what I was doing instead of writing this post on time on the Beating-Lights website.  It was worth it.  My legs are sore from chalking.  A good sore.

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