Process: Danieri Wedding

I get so excited when someone asks me to make some art for them for a particular purpose.  They present a new prompt and context for me to draw inspiration (from).  Most of the time.  I love it all.  I love restrictions and freedom.  I also struggle with them both.

Each commissioned piece needs fresh eyes.  When I forget that, I get stuck.


My mom’s dear friend asked me to make a portrait of her brother’s wedding as a gift for him and his new family.  She took photos of the wedding and sent them to me.

One of the first paintings I memorized was the one of my parent’s wedding.  It’s black and white and gray and abstract.  It’s another world, and it’s amazing.

I wanted to make another world.

The photo quality (quite minimal) lent itself to a simpler composition with bold colors and large, rather than small, details.cheryl wedding 16x20 source w

I had to Frankenstein together a few photos.  I wanted the bride and groom to be prominent.  I sent them a draft and they wanted me to include the sail boat and some dude who’s in the distance.

Here’s a video that shows part of my process.

The final image:wedding final to print lorna alkana art w

When the bride came by to pick it up:12728851_1032774150119299_7439424035751542134_n

Now it’s on her wall!


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