Affect: Not One Liners

no one liners affect lorna alkana w

I’m not a one-liner type.  Now that I’m back into Affect, I’m realizing why I stopped, and why it’s important I continue even though it’s difficult.  I want to write in this way because that is what I know, and what I like to read.  I want to share.  I want to show strength.  Maybe I can build strength by addressing how weak and lost and defeated and sad I am.  If that’s not a starting place.  I have none.

There are these voices in my head and on my feed and all around that tell me it’s sill to think the way I do.  It’s sill to expect people to treat each other decently.  Respectfully.  It’s silly to assume positive intentions.  It’s silly to forgive.  It’s silly to hold on.

Sometimes, I forget that’s why I write and share and read and participate in this world.

It’s not silly.  It’s everything.  So it is silly, too, then…

It is everything to cultivate community and compassion and to share how I feel and tell my stories.

No one else will.  No one else can.

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