Process: Window Frames for Now

I’ve drawn my forever friends many times throughout the years.  These days, we’re in different cities, and countries, even.  I wanted to make a place we can take and keep with us.

xmas katie sarha lorna 11x14 rw

Though this was supposed to be a happy place, it sort of turned out ominous and foreboding.  I didn’t even get in all the drawings of them/us I  planned to use.  I got distracted with the clouds, and confused with detailing the frames.

My friends framed in this context reminds me more of the old woman’s house in Great Expectations than a nostalgia token we can keep in our hearts while moving forward.  I still like it, it just turned into something else.

I printed it on stickers two ways, so I can slap them up symmetrically.

Here’s a video of the process.  You can see some of the other drawings I planned to use before I got lost in the clouds:

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