Process: Zine about Zines

Last year, at about this time, I shared a paper at the Pop Culture Association/American Culture Association 2015 conference in New Orleans.  I’m looking to build zine momentum, so I’ve revisited a time where zines defined momentum for me.

I was a part of the Memory and Representation panel.  The audience was sparse, but engaged.  I presented at 8AM on the last day, or something like that.  Maybe 10AM.  It was early and New Orleans and last year.

I shared a zine I wrote about the significance zines have and will increasingly continue to have in subverting the dominant paradigm.

Here are some photos from the event and my adventures with my mom and brother.  New Orleans is amazing, but not highlighted here.  10 points if you spot the vagina hotel carpet.  Super cool, super intentional?

Ironically, this was the last zine I published.  I distributed all the copies at the conference.  I’m going to print another round of them.  It’s published below, as well.  Hooray for the internet!

pca conference zine revised 2016_Page_01


My favorite parts of the zine are the Etymology and the Who Cares sections.  The Etymology section presents a timeline of artists/writers who communicated in a conceivably zine (mini magazine) format/intention.  [Hmmmm I’m inferring intention…]

The Who Cares section struck a cord with the audience while I was presenting:

“Who cares?  The isolated and disenfranchised.  The lost.  The driven.  The curious.  People with a story to share.  People looking for a story.  There is value in my articulation of the world I see around me; there is value in your articulation of the world you see around you.   It’s empowering to believe and see that we can all, individually, and collectively, affect memory.  We can contribute cultural content and inspire its creation and transformation.  No one is alone even if they are lonely.”

The audience clapped, and I got nervous and sort of rushed to the next point.  Reflecting on this, though, I get that this is the thesis.  This is my point.

My abstract for the conference summarized “the zine venue, online and in-real-life, [as one that] presents a short-form, mostly [though not necessarily] narrative, genre that continues to create alternative memories through counter [dominant/mainstream] culture representation.”

The last page of the zine, the back cover, is a word search.

[OH HEY!  Post the first three words you find in the comments!  Let’s keep this going!]

I just found prints of the word search I made a year ago for Brokechella.  I used them to play with people at Play Like a Girl this past weekend.  I have lots of pictures from that event, and ALSO this year’s Brokechella (now, Broke LA).

Here’s to moving forward and not forgetting!  And here’s…a preview of my posts for the word search progress at the a m a z i n g Play Like a Girl show (5.28.16),  the evasive Affect #2 (5.2015), and spectacular and chalk filled Broke LA 2016 (4.23.16).

In no particular order:

You Can Find Me…

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Instagram: @Lornaphone and @LAWordSalon

I update my Exhibition Page with events and galleries Lorna Alkana Art is featured in.

I post on (or around) Mondays with new art/discussion of the process of works in progress, and (or around) Fridays with Comic Lorna in the form of an audiobio comic series called, Affect.



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