Affect 13: Tapestry (Poetry!)

This week’s Affect dips out of exposition (besides this).  Oh try and find a place and time to read the poem out loud!  I know I enjoy it more that way!self portrait glasses 85x11 w.jpg

By Lorna Alkana

It’s from patterns that pleasure can exist
from the expected, to what contradicts the list

What should we do tonight?

A disposition to forget
creatures of habit who have more habits to get

Turn left at the light.

Pleasure manifests from fruition
no wonder our appreciation of intuition.

Think it started at 8.

Paint by numbers
Thank god those lines were there
In the summer there’s sweat, in the winter the trees are bare

They’re prob already inside.

Consistency and inconsistency
Patterns mapping discrepancy

It’s a pleasure to have tried and
routine resolves melancholy
there’s pleasure in the pattern eventually
and or could the math have lied

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