Process: Woman Reading Outside Bar

I drew this portrait on my old computer in 2014.  It’s funny how that’s one of my first thoughts when I see the image.  Since I’m sharing the process behind it, though, it makes sense that that’s where I’d begin.


I had been using Photoshop for about a year and a half.  My art was getting very intricate and very big.  This was an attempt at simplicity.  Fewer colors, fewer shapes, fewer shadows.

abby 4100 8x10 w

I wrote a post about back then, too!  Check it out!

Back then, I described my shift differently: “When I drew this in December I was looking to draw something in one sitting.  In order to do this, I needed to focus on the bigger shapes to tell the story.  I like this simpler aesthetic.”

Reviewing that post, I realize that the original piece is 18″ x 24″.  Hmmm I wonder why I chose that size.  I’ve never printed it that big (these are trapped on my computer…and this one on my old computer), so I had forgotten.  I’ll have to print a big version.

Someone just bought a lil print of this the other day at Play Like a Girl.


She mentioned the clean lines.  I really like this portrait, too.  It’s fun when people like the art that I’m happiest with.   It’s also fun, when they like drawings of mine that I have issues with.

I started an IRL “like” system with my portfolios.  People can put star stickers on the prints they like.  I’m just so curious to know!  Plus!  It’s a simple (which themes to be the theme) way to informally track feedback.  I’ve used it twice, and there seems to be a positive response.

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