Affect 14: Play Like a Girl Coloring Book and Word Search

For last month’s Play Like a Girl event at The Echo, I set up my coloring book station, piloted an In Real Life “like” system for my portfolios, and brought back my word search from a few years ago to create water color portraits of people on top of inscriptions of the words they found.


People added little sticker stars to the pages/images in my portfolios that they liked. [ I’m looking for feedback, and I thought an IRL sticker system would be engaging.  People seemed for it!]

My Surreal Coloring and Storybook Installation is one that has traveled and evolved over the past four years.

It’s second nature to me, now.  This event/installation inspired a new coloring book with the help of the word search findings!

I made the word search, formerly “SAT Word Search“, now “First Three Words Search”, a prominent part of my Play Like a Girl patio installation.  I had only tried it out a few times previously, and at those events I had not emphasized it.  This time, though, I pointed it out.  I broke my silence from behind the “vendor” table.

First, people found words/ish in the word search.  Want to try?

play like a girl coloring book7

They highlighted the first three words they found.  At least.

Summary view:



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After people highlighted their words, they recorded them with a fancy calligraphy pen in a 5.5″ x 8.5″ notebook for me to watercolor over somehow.  After the first few entries, I figured out that I wanted to make portraits of the contributors over their inscriptions.

Still beta on this.  Here’s a Snapchat flip through of the notebook:

When I went to make my write-up of this event, I started drawing a few of the photos I had taken.  I couldn’t figure out if or how I wanted to add color.  Bam!  New coloring book idea!  I continued the lines of my drawings, and found spaces in between them, to add words that people had highlighted in their word searches.

The new surreal coloring book is called “Found Words”.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


It’s ready to print, though I’d love to add a few more drawings and revise the front/back cover.  I’ll have a version ready for this Saturday at The Echo!  The meta of it all is a-meta-mazing!

The second installation of Play Like a Girl is this Saturday, June 25, 2016 from 4:30PM – 9PM at The Echo, 1822 W Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, California, 90026

It’s all ages, 21 to drink.  Tickets are $9.50+ but just hit me up ( and I’ll get you on the $5 flat list.  The incredible musical line-up: Stonefield | Pom Poms | Ramonda Hammer | Iris | Edith Crash

This Saturday, you can find me on the patio.  This time, there are going to be storytellers on the outdoor stage in between the musical performances.  How exciting!

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