Process: Live Watercolor Portraits

word search portraits 20x30 2 shop used w

Last Saturday I had a great time painting faces at Shop Used // Shop Local in Highland Park, Los Angeles.  This was my first time painting based on breathing people as opposed to saved photos.  I’m digging it.  I’m still developing my technique with watercolors.  I’ve gotten comfortable with them, but mostly when they have time to dry, and I can add pen and then more water color and then more pen.

I learned to start with pen when live painting.

The paint first (based on photo), dry, pen, paint, dry, pen process is one I used at Play Like a Girl the week before.  There’s a notable difference in contrast.

word search portraits 20x30 w

The day after the Shop Used // Shop Local event I went to see the amazing guitarist Dreadfro play as the feature at WINS (Words I Never Said) in Echo Park.  I drew him as he played.  We both kept our hands busy.  I really like it!

dreadfro portrait w

With a few more good pens (and a plan to keep replenishing them) and a lot more practice, I think live drawing/life drawing can be a part of my Affect comic, or even part of my art.  I identify as a digital artist.  Or, maybe, I think my value as an artist is as a digital artist.  I’m down to shift.  I’m down to follow my pen, stylus or ink.  Follow my paints, watercolor or acrylic.  Oil is still on my mind.  Walls are still on my mind.  I want to mix all these mediums.  I want to mix them with words.  I want to mix them on the outskirts of the folds of my zines and in the panels of my comics.

I’m arting this Sunday afternoon, July 17, 2016, in Glendale to honor Hunter S. Thomas.  Check out the event!

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