Music Tastes Good Art Installation Reflection

Music Tastes Good turned streets and parking lots in Downtown Long Beach into a three day music festival.  My installation called, “Found Windows” invited people to walk around, through, and in between free standing, 6 foot tall panels.  The panels are paired and connected by hinges, like doors without walls.  The frames have windows to look through and past.  Windows that look onto the windows of buildings, glasses frames, camera lenses, cell phone screens.  So many windows to find.  The windows also present patrons new perspectives to engage with the festival, the stage, and each other.  Two frames had black lights and black light paintings.  Chalking all around was encouraged.  A sculpture by Rachel Oto towers above one of the frames.  Ben Koffman’s light projections give the frames new life at night.


I painted the frames as homages to some of the MTG featured artists.  Take a look:

Blue Frame:
The blue “Found Windows” frame features paintings inspired by Iron and Wine (with black light art), The Cambodian Space Project, De La Soul, Gallant, and Cody ChesnuTT.  I tried out mirror art for the first time on this frame.  Rachel Oto designed a sculpture that rises into the sky atop the frame.

Ska Frame:
The ska “Found Windows” frame is black and white checkers, hailing The Specials, Dr. Dog, and Rx Bandits.  It has a word search that mirrors the layout of the MTG flyer and chalkboards.

Yellow Frame:
The yellow “Found Windows” frame features paintings inspired by The Melvins and Deltron.

Red Frame:
The red “Found Windows” frame features Girl Pool inspirations on the outside, and a mash up of War Paint and Squeeze on the inside (black light art).  Rachel Oto designed a glowing sunglasses sculpture people could try on, adding more frames.

I also made some custom chalk to match the MTG colors and drew a giant MTG logo at the front entrance of the event.


People chalked up a storm at the installation.

A team of artist friends helped me document the event.  Many of their photos are featured in the videos above.  Here’s another, stiller, view.  Recognize anybody?

Photos by Mark Bowers (aka On the Spot):

Photos by Sasha Ross Photography:

I took some videos at the event, trying to capture the feel of the windows:

The Found Windows frames are now back in my studio, looking forward to their next views.


Find out more about MTG and the art installations:

Check out this LBPost article about the five artists featured at Music Tastes Good.

And this article recaping the installations.

My art is featured in this ListenSD article summarizing some of the key musical performances of the festival.

See where the frames began at the Sunstock Solar Festival earlier in 2016 here.

Thank you so much to Nicolassa Galvez for her direction and support.  Thank you Benjamin Koffman and Rachel Oto for collaborating with me, again!  Thank you Andrew, Monica, Joe del Rio, Joe D, Sasha, Elliot Next, Rynn, Nohemi, Jade and Andrew, Mark, Linda, Alex, Sylvia, Alix, Ben, Mitch, Tom, and Chess for helping me through the heat and enjoying the show!

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