Event Recap: Kaleidoscope Sundae

I was stoked to contribute to the Beating Lights and Scene & Heard event Kaleidoscope Sundae on September 4, 2016 at The Union House in Downtown LA.

To prepare for the event, where I was tasked with designing an interactive art piece, I researched kaleidoscopes, practiced making them, and even worked with one of those plastic spiral doodads from childhood.  See my first post about that, here.

Some early attempts:

Beating Lights provided me with a 5 x 5 foot tarp to paint on.  Oddly enough, I think the tarp was designed to repel paint.  We made it work.  I drew out the basic repeating shapes of a kaleidoscope: square, circle, triangle, repeat (maybe not in that order).  We set out paints and brushes for people to play with.  They had at it while listening to the great tunes.

I realize that my arting has been different these days.  I’m not popping up with my prints at events, I’m live arting at events.  I like this.  I like both.  I like the mural I started on the fence of The Union House.  They hooked me up with some paint!  I also used chalk, so we’ll see how it changes over time.  The event got shadowy and then it got dark, and the photos of my mini mural capture that.  A few people contributed along the way, as well!

Beating Lights events are right up my ally!  They’re always full of good vibes, good tunes, and interactive arting elements.  A friend of mine got her first tattoo at this show!


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