Process: I’m Listening Portrait

It’s about time for another self-portrait!  I liked the leaves I painted recently for my cosmic puzzle, and wanted to use them as guides for a face.  I’ll take you through the process:

I started with green lines to get the shapes.  Played with line width.  I wasn’t sure what colors I wanted to use.  I shift to blue about half way through.  I was drawing outside and used the plants in my backyard as guides for the shapes, just drew them free hand on the screen.  I kept the eyes in the original brown tones.  I played with background color and contrast.  Here’s a video with some chronology in it.  I’m getting back into making process animations, so my system needs to develop again.


This is the version I landed on.  16 x 20 inches, “I’m Listening”


Some other views I like:

Considering all the thought I put into color, hue, and saturation, I made a GIF that presents some alternatives.  All the lines stay the same:


Some of the lines might make for a cool coloring book page:


I used the image for last week’s Affect entry:


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