Affect 23: I miss poetry

This week I’ve had time and made space to figure out the mounds of notebooks piling up on shelves around my house and in my studio and notebooks I’ve left in travel/gig bags.  I found a handful of pen drawing portraits that I’ve already added watercolors to and will post soon.  I found preliminary plans for Sunstock and MTG.  Notes on my upcoming collaboration with Operator Error called Affection and for the One Day zine with The Peeces.  Filed most of it.

I just went through the top levels of the piles of notebooks.  8 from the past four months.

Anywho, in one of them I found a poem draft that was worth looking at again.  I wrote it on June 4, 2016.


I miss poetry
every time I find it
I remember
what it is
and I celebrate
mourn our time apart
and recalibrate,
turn the hands back
sticky platitudes
that have clung to
the arteries of my
linguistic excess
that bleeds boring blood
I see it through a car window
drive past it before I can
roll the window down
feel it on my skin

I’ve thought it would come to me
and it has come near me
to believe in my bones
that it’s there
and that’s enough

Am I what is fleeting?
I drive through poetry to say, “I’ll be back”
and it might say,
while I’m still rolling down the window
and driving away,
“I’ll be right here”

Disclaimer: I planned on drawing out the text in this Affect to make it meld with the image (which is a self portrait called “I’m listening”,  I’ll discuss drawing it in next week’s Process post), but my digital pen stopped working.  First time.  I use a Surface Pro 2, and this blows.  I’ve restarted and updated everything.  I’ve researched hacks.  Ima give it a day and then call some peeps/take it in, do something.  I need the pen to work.  I’ve got plans.

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