Process: Revisit Banana Alkana

Today’s my dad’s birthday!  I drew this image after his death two years ago.  My initial post:

“My dad is in the Guinness Book of World Records for eating 17 bananas in 2 minutes.  He died in February while jogging at the beach.  He leaves behind a legacy that extends beyond the pages of book records.

I enjoyed spending time with my dad.  He constructed and consistently expanded my perception of what is possible.  He loved to learn and to share his love of learning.  He was a dynamic realist with a kind, curious, and proactive disposition.  He was compassionate and intelligent.  He will be missed.”

I drew this image for my dad’s funeral program.  He loved to surf.  The shapes are based off of an actual photo of him.  Obviously the banana is an addition.

Reviewing the layers of the Photoshop document I have kind of figured out my process at the time.  I wanted to make a glow.  The silhouette and wave are a single layer.  I must have done them in one go.  The waves at the bottom are also a single layer.  I was pushing color around for the effect.  I do know waves.

I revisited the Photoshop document.  I might have made a different document first, because there are far fewer layers than I normally use.  I put together a video exploring what I found.

A few people have gone home with prints of this image.  They like it without knowing the story.  I’ll bet they make their own.  I tell them what I see, too.


I made an art gif, playing with the layers of light I added.



I took 8 different frames, tweened 15 frames between each of those, and then tweened the whole image to make the sunrise very gradual.  The sun’s reflection in the water stays the same, but my brother (who has mad surf knowledge) assured me that it’s totally possible to have light on the waves before it’s in certain parts of the sky.

I’m working on a project called Affection with the musician Operator Error.  The album navigates stories through music that spans generations.  One of the songs, called Synethetic, features samples of my recitation of a poem about my dad and segments of an interview about my process.  More to come on this.

Miss you, Dad.

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