Watercolor Word Search Portraits

I like when my watercolor portraits have the context of each other.  My solo show at Opodz let these bad boys breath across a few walls.  My upcoming show with We Choose ArtA Feminist Perspective, at the Montalban will have a grip of the 189 portraits featured.

I began this series of over 130 5 x 7 inch “Watercolor Word Search Portraits” in May, 2016 as a live art game.  Each portrait includes notes for viewers to ponder: names, words lists and lengths of times.

I made this 12 x 18 inches poster to try to capture the juxtaposition of the portraits when they’re hanging beside one another.


Unexpected background Lorna memory:

I used to have a poster above my bed with little portraits of people arranged in a grid, kind of like this.  Their pictures were smaller and the poster was larger.  The images were high contrast black and white.  Beneath each photo was the police blotter description of their death, all gun related.  I got the poster from an installation in some white walled gallery in LA when I was a kid.  The installation was a 4 foot pile of these posters.  I wonder how many there were to start.

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