Checking in

It has happened, again!  I’ve gone so long without writing a blog post that I’m overwhelmed with all I have to share and consequently spent way too much time drawing my hair in a self portrait for the d[i]sclosure page because that is where I keep all my secrets.  [Clarification: I keep my secrets in my hair, not the disclosure page.  Little known fact.]

self portrait snap chat 8x11 w2

I’m working on a grip of exciting projects while simultaneously refocusing my artist lens and intentions.  (Did you notice my website title is now “Lorna Phone” instead of “Lorna Alkana Art”?  I’m “rebranding” which is odd to write aloud because it seems so corporate or divisive.  I suppose my sentiments toward this notion are a part of the problem/hold-up/my reluctance to dip my toe into the new lorna world I’ve decided to build.)


self portrait snap chat 8x11 w

Here’s my latest bio I added to the list on the “Disclosure” page of this blog.  I wrote it for The Love Story, an interview and narrative-based project exploring loss.  I’m illustrating artists for Volume 2 of the book.  (This is one of the projects I’m excited to be working on at the moment.)

Lorna Alkana mixes language and line drawings into interactive installations, digital art, paintings, and poetry.  Her art explores themes of perception and expectation through surreal portraits and saturated skylines.  Community, found-story, asymmetry, identity, and memory influence her work.

Lorna developed a love for genre bending collaboration while studying Creative Writing in high school at the Orange County School of the Arts. She graduated from USC in 2009 with a B.A. in English-Creative Writing and Cultural Studies.  Right out of college, Lorna joined Teach for America to teach middle school English in San Fernando, California.

While teaching, she started an art blog to share her drawings, stories, and infographics.  Since 2012, numerous galleries and venues in Los Angeles have featured her art, including the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, The Autry, and The Montalban.  Lorna’s writing and illustrations have been featured by The Graphic History Collective, Repel Industries, and the Pop Culture Association.

Currently, Lorna continues to chronicle her “adventures in personhood” and art process on her blog,  She bounces between Los Angeles and Orange County, where she arts, teaches, performs, and writes autobiographical blurbs in third person.


I look forward to taking time to reflect and literally keep ya’ll posted (keep me posted?) on the art, installations, readings, and collaborations I’m stoked to be a part of this year (as well as the ongoing existential crisis that is the water I wade).  Quick teaser: I’m making a giant, glowing, interactive piano for the Fem Fest in April!

You Can Find Me…

Facebook: @LornaPhone and @LAWordSalon and @AffectComic
Twitter: @LornaPhone and @LAWordSalon
Instagram: @Lornaphone and @LAWordSalon
Youtube: Lorna Alkana

I update my Exhibition Page with events and galleries Lorna Alkana Art is featured in.
Check out the Disclosure Page to see a chronological evolution of my blog and art.

I share new art/discussions about the process of works in progress, and I post segments with Comic Lorna in my audiobio comic series called, Affect.



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