See: Magic Keys at Loche LA Launch

I said goodbye to post-it notes and fluorescent paper for the latest installment of “Magic Keys” (formerly “Make Note”) for the PartyPunx event at The Airliner last Saturday.  The event launched Loche LA, a promotion group that features musicians as leaders.

I brought strips of white UV paper for people to doodle on with glowing pens and sharpees, and tape for people to add their contributions to the magic keys.  This was a departure from the basics of the Fem Fest and Play Like a Girl runs of the installation.  I practiced with the materials before the event, drawing portraits of the featured musicians and artists:cadillac freeze and blue fyll wdante lee and kill nigel wpink avenger and blasto wmatisse marie and mike b wmatisse marie and ellis wI also brought a clipboard and mini UV light so people could make their notes beyond the hemp rope of the installation’s table.  This worked for the layout of the event.  There were a lot of visual/fashion artists on the patio in the back of the venue.  The space was packed.  There was no room for the table/chair set up I’d used before, so I adapted.dark comics and mike b wvendor draw wpink avenger wpink avenger 2 wthergood sasha magic keys clipboard wmagic keys from behind wloche lornaphone set upMostly I was stoked to catch up with friends, see their latest art, and share the glow of the Magic Keys with them.magic keys tips wlorna rhea magic keys wbehind magic keys wThis might be the last time the Make Note/Magic Keys installation manifests for a while.  I have a grip of ideas of how to transform the project, but I need to put it on the back burner for a little bit while I focus on a few impending deadlines.

It was nice to be able to play around with the Magic Keys from different angles before putting them away.  I feel like I’ve just tapped the surface.magic keys accident lornaphone wmagic keys accident lornaphone 2 wmagic keys lornaphone drawing wmagic keys lornaphone wmagic keys lornaphone span wOne project I’m excited to get into the thick of is the album booklet for Affection by Operator Error.  Amazing, wonderful people funded our Kickstarter, Operator Error has finished the album, and now I need to put all the pieces together into art/lyric amalgamation for music to span the generation gap.

Also!  This Saturday, April 29, 2017, I’ll be live chalking a 4 x 5 foot rendition of a Degas painting at McGaugh Elementary School in Seal Beach for their Pageant of the Arts 45 year celebration!  I’m looking forward to it!

I’m still transition from Lorna Alkana Art into @LornaPhone so keep your eyes peeled!

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