fence post

I took apart my Music Tastes Good 2016 installation to create a 3-d fence mural. (It took me a while to boil this project down into that sentence.)

Where to start:

I unhinged my “Found Windows” installation frames and separated out some of their parts. (Many thanks to my carpenter friend who helped me piece the installation together, to begin with!) fence posts2 w1fence posts2 w5fence posts2 w2I finagled the pieces into a bloomage lacking area on the side of the house. (I coated the wood with some weather protecting sealant to help it keep through sprinklers, dew, rain.)fence posts2 w7I freshened up the chalk-boards for re-use with soap, water, and elbow-grease.fence posts2 w8This project started as part of my studio organization, where I had other smaller frames, which I tried out as ornament along the fence. I like the look but preferred to see the fence as a large canvas, not many little ones. fence posts2 w9I painted the fence throughout the month of July.  It started with a cat, desk, and window. fence posts2 w91fence post cat sky lornaphone wfence post cat sky lornaphone w2I added mirrors to the sides of one of the frames to capture the light and engage the surroundings. I love mirrors. They’re automatically site-specific. fence posts2 w92I painted friendly boxes and figures talking with their hands.  Flowers and clouds finding their ways into the scenery. fence posts2 w93fence posts2 w94There’s a secret side to this fence post that you can only see at night and with a special light. Also, I painted a living room on a door. Stay tuned to see!

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