LornaPhone fucking shit up

Women Fuck Shit Up Fest is gearing up for its fourth annual event in 2018 with a month-long residency featuring women-fronted bands at The Hi Hat in Highland Park, Los Angeles.  Their final event is TONIGHT (Tuesday, Dec 26 at 8PM!) Check out the event!

I’m honored to have arted for their third, and penultimate, week, where the featured bands played homage sets as an artist of their choosing. [Find band shout outs and links at the end of this post or here.]

I worked with Wasi to come up with a concept. My initial pitches:

From these pitches, we decided on the woman shouting. It fits more with the empowered woman ethos of the event and its featured bands. The letter-play stems from my recent immersion in typography. I like the lost girl in the water. She’s definitely there (inside me head). I shirked her big-wide-world, potentially passive imagery, for the if-you’re-not-angry-you’re-not-paying-attention affect of the person with hands cupped around their mouth.


I painted thick poster board with chalkboard paint, chalked an outline, then filled it in with white, as a base, for the UV paint.

wasi hi hat sing imagespsd

Wasi’s support of my art means so much to me. I talked to the band about my process, and I appreciate their patience during my learning curve adventures with UV paint shading.

wasi hi hat sing images lornaphone 2psd

I had three nights to paint this. On the first night, I hit the major shapes and shades. On the second night, I fixed my proportions (based on the source image) but then decided to open up the eyes. This decision kind of threw the source out the window, but it was important for the message of the art. The eyes add to the intensity, especially since I made them yellow.

wasi hi hat sing images lornaphone 3

I added the WFSU acronym letters as a shout out. (The paint looks so different in the daylight, even if the black light is still on.)

wasi hi hat sing images lornaphone 4

I have my show set up time at The Hi Hat down to 15 minutes. I do love learning the ins and outs and outlets of a venue because it leaves me more time to focus on other elements of the installation. I’m excited about what people contributed to the shout out chalkboard throughout the night.

wasi hi hat sing images lornaphone 5

Close up of the shout out chalkings (in the light of day):

lornaphone wasi 1lornaphone wasi 2lornaphone wasi 3lornaphone wasi 4


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