Drawing Wam Dingis (Everyday) [Part 1]

The band Wam Dingis asked me to do some art for them to celebrate the filming and release of their music video for their single “Dark Parlor.”

I’ve been going to Wam Dingis shows every chance I get for over a decade.  One time, they asked me to dress up and act like an aggressive nun for one of their shows. I wrote a few comics about it. (Flashback blog post here.)

I seem to always want to tell Wam Dingis stories in multiple parts. (Note the “part 1 of 8?” in the title.

Another anecdote, I stopped Jordan before he lit his guitar on fire at a LAWS show during Echo Park Rising. I’d have been super down for this if I wasn’t hosting the show…

As far as this most recent collaboration with Wam Dingis/Dark Parlor, I researched parlors and dark parlors. I used great photos of the band that Daniel Batalles took to source my portraits. The band members’ faces were already in the dark-parlor mood when I drew them. I layered on flowers, that’s a go-to for me right now. Also, I know Wam Dingis and I know Wam Dingis drinks and sings about champagne (everyday) so I figured booze could fit in somehow. I mentioned incorporating this to Jordan, and he sent me a list of each member’s favorite drinks. Side note – I wonder about the science of glass shape for alcohol. I’m thinking it has to do with temperature and fizz.

The left video – I was really struggling to make dark parlor looking shelves. I also spent far too long on the proportion of the glasses to the heads in the jars.

Here’s a sort of unsettling, momentous gif of Wam Dingis’s Jordan.

This is the song that inspired the arting. The music video is yet to be released. It’s going to be grrrreat, though.

If you’ve made it this far in the post, I feel like you’ll be interested in this real talk. I’m moved to write my first blog post in a while to promote Wam Dingis in this voting competition they’re a part of. This round of voting ends Thursday, September 16, 2021. They’re currently 1st in the final top five of Open Act’s competition to play at the Hollywood Bowl. You can vote for free here. Why not?

There’s much more Wam Dingis arting to share. All in good time.

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