1. Your words serve the function of “hairration!”


    You’re the “hairrator!”

    (narration/narrator…eh? eh?)

    Also, wow this is really incredible!!!

  2. Wow, I love these. They look incredible. I’m going to read back into your blog now but in case you don’t answer this in previous posts: How do you do the topography effect? I’m unskilled in all but the most rudimentary image-editing programs, but stuff like this makes me want to quicken my learning pace.

  3. Thank you for your interest! I use Photoshop. It took me a few drafts to get the shape the way I wanted. I added the typography after I finished the drawing. First, I decided what I wanted to say. Second, I added a layer ontop of the finished drawing. Third, I added new layers and made the mess up layers invisible untill I got the text how I wanted. I actually drew ontop of an outline of the hair and then made that invisible for the final image, so the hair fits in an outline that you can’t see. Does that make sense? Since it was my first time with this method, I’m still figuring out what it is I have done/am doing.

  4. Thanks for responding! I’ll have to mess around with that. I have been playing with typography in sculpture and in drawing, and I’ve gotten pretty good at freehanding Times New Roman (forwards and backwards and in various states of distortion, even!). In my above comment I was asking about the tOpography effect, and maybe that’s not the right term, but the lines that make the drawing look like an elevation map or a paint-by-numbers piece. Did you create those lines yourself or does Photoshop have a tool for that? Thanks for answering my questions, and feel free to tell me to bugger off if I’m bothering you.

  5. Just popped in to take a look at your blog. And I’ve discovered I really DO like you[r art]!! Very cool stuff. Will follow along for more of your artistic awesomeness. 😀

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